Change Management Plan Paper

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Change Management Plan Paper
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Change Management Plan Paper
This paper will discuss CrysTel a telecommunication company that has come to the realization that they need to develop a corporate culture that can support constant change. The first topic reviewed will be the Implications of Organizational Change and associated impact on employee behavior. The next topic the paper will discuss is the proposed change model and the potential impact that human variables and resistance to change will have on the process. The paper will review CrysTel will address employee reaction to the change specifically resistance to the change. The third topic, Measures to Monitor Progress will discuss the proposed leadership style and strategies that CrysTel will implement. The last two topics, Continuing Success of a Change Process and Evaluate the Dynamics of Organizational Change, will discuss respectively the management strategies need to implement an ongoing change process and additional challenges facing CrysTel over the next decade. The following section will review the current state of the company based data provided in the University of Phoenix. (2006). Building a Culture for Sustaining Change simulation. Implications of Organizational Change

"CrysTel is a telecommunications company operating in Illinois, US. With an employee strength of 2,500 and an annual revenue of $200 million, CrysTel product profile includes data cable, wireless solution, and network development" UOP simulation (2006). The company is lead by CEO Morgan Trevannon with more then 25 years of telecommunication industry experience. Vice President of Technology Development Frederick Bruder who previous to joining the company was a software architect providing consultant services to the telecommunication industry. Vice President of Sales and Delivery T.J Smith is an expert in telecommunication sale and delivery. The Vice President of Marketing Makena Wamala who during her tenure has over seen the launch of several of CrysTel more successful and innovative products. Vice President of Human Resources Department Mary Jo Moran is a 13 year CrysTel employee who manages a very proactive HR organization. Like all telecommunications companies CrysTel is experiencing change due to the evolving technologies, government intervention, consumer demands and a cross generational workforce. As stated by Schein (1996) "In most organizations, there are three different major occupational cultures that do no really understand each other very well and that work at cross-purposes." At CrysTel the "engineering culture" Schein (1996) is represented by the Technology Development Department, the "executive culture" Schein (1996) is made up of the CEO, VP's and Human Resource Department and the "operator culture" Schein (1996) is represented by the Sales and Delivery, Marketing and Technology Operations Departments. Note that Technology Operations Department values and vision more closely align with the Technology Development Department. "These three cultures are often not aligned with each other, and it is this lack of alignment that causes the failures of organizational learning" Schein (1996). "Developing a learning culture and promoting innovation can help an organization sustain change" UOP Simulation (2006). Based on the Employee and Climate Surveys CrysTel's departments are not aligned and it is this lack of alignment that will be taken into account when developing the change culture. Areas of concern that need to be addressed before CrysTel can successfully implement a new corporate vision are primarily with the Sales and Delivery Department and Marketing Department. The new change process must take into account the weakness found within these groups, the company needs to concentrate on employee involvement in problem-solving, improving and encourage creative thinking, creating urgency to attain goals and...

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