change management plan

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Change Management Plan
MBA 520
Mia Johnson
University of Phoenix
August 25, 2008

For many organizations, change is necessary in order to grow and succeed. Change forces the organization to review strengths and weaknesses that may have an impact on the organization during the changes that may occur. For this reason, having a change model and an effective leader are crucial to having a smooth transition when making changes. CrysTel, a telecommunications company with high employee strength, is planning to implement a range of emerging telecommunications technologies in a bid to increase the product offerings in the market. At CrysTel, change is likely to occur and the company has to make sure that the right steps are taken in preparing for the change. This paper will discuss the strengths and weaknesses CrysTel has that may impact the changes that the organization plans to make. The paper will also discuss the importance of effective change management and leadership. “Managers and organization decision makers know, perhaps better than anyone, that we're living in a world of change. It's been said many times the only constant is change, and there's evidence that the pace of change continues to accelerate,” (International Journal of Business Research, 2007). Before CrysTel can implement any changes, CrysTel must analyze each department that helps the company run. One reason this is important is to get a sense of how each department is ran and how effective that is. For CrysTel, the departments that needed the most attention were the Marketing and Sales and Delivery departments. The Marketing department lacked communication and teamwork while the Sales and Delivery department had issues resolving conflict. Both departments could keep CrysTel from succeeding in the changes made and have a lasting impact as well on the organization as a whole. The leaders of the organization had to discover why these two departments are struggling and what needs to be done to improve the situation.

The main problem with the Marketing department was that there was no communication and lack of teamwork. This was mainly because the employees in this department were working in different parts of the country and this made it difficult to interact with one another. The problem with lack of communication and teamwork also lead to the employees lacking in training and mentoring, which made performance levels low. With the Sales and Delivery department, the main problem was resolving conflicts. Problems that may have occurred or feelings that employees may have had were only allowed to be brought up during the semi-annual performance reviews. The employees in this department could not express feelings or behaviors about personal issues or other employees except during this time. This probably created communication problems throughout the department and that could have an effect on performance.

Now that CrysTel has determined what departments are in need of urgent attention, the change management plan can be developed. Being that the Marketing department needs the most improvements, the change management plan should be sure to include communication and commitment as important factors. “In any activity, employees need clarity on what is being asked of them; what they are required to do, what they are allowed to do, and what results are desired. In short, they need to know the expectations,” (International Journal of Business Research, 2007). The company must develop a communication plan between managers and subordinates in order for performance to be enhanced. One way that CrysTel can do this is by allowing the employees and the respective manager to have scheduled one-on-one reviews along with team reviews that may impact performance as well. Without communication, the employees cannot work effectively. “Leaders need to focus more on creating different channels and contexts for others to talk rather than on talking too much...

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