Change Management and Communication Plan

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Riordan Manufacturing Change Management and Communication Plan Riordan Manufacturing has been in business for over a decade and has been named an industry leader as a global plastics manufacturer because of their materials and identifying trends (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013). Because this organization is known for their contemporary mode of conducting business, a new formal system is being implemented for managing customer information that all employees will be required to adopt.

Change Management Plan
Formal and Informal Power Structure
Riordan Manufacturing utilizes both formal and informal power structures. Riordan Manufacturing employs formal authority to officiate the organization with structural positions that supports clearly defined procedures covering work processes (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Unfortunately, there are too many areas within Riordan where formalization is relatively low and job behaviors unprogrammed, where employees have too much freedom in exercising their own discretion where their work is concerned (Robbins & Judge, 2011). The current power and political structure of the organization has a great effect on employee behavior that lacks standardized employee behavior. Therefore, the company decided to create a new customer management system where there will be one standardized customer management system all employees will be using which will create a formal chain of command for communication between employees and management. Effective Organization Structure

The most appropriate and effective organizational structure for Riordan Manufacturing that will accomplish the upcoming planned changes is the bureaucracy structure (Robbins & Judge, 201). This structure is commendatory for the organization because of the précised route that employees will be required to exert for managing their customers’ information. Once Riordan has adopted this customer management system, the chain of command concept within the bureaucracy structure will have managers training their subordinates on the system which will assure that the company will have a formal system for customer information management in place. Potential Affects

The potential effects of the bureaucracy structure on employee behavior will be that employees will begin to feel more at ease about decisions they make pertaining to how they collect and protect the customer information. Employees will also become more productive at work because of the certainty and security in following the proper procedures set out by the organization's policy. Company Culture

Characteristics of the company's culture include the ability to consistently adapt to contemporary systems for their customers, employees, and the organization in its entirety. Riordan's current cultures consist of stable and team-oriented employees, who place great significance on customer service and results. The potential influences of the corporate culture on employee behavior will be that of a positive attitude because employees will be motivated knowing they can rely on the consistency of team involved projects, allowing them to collaborate with one another on a daily basis. Such organization quality will be beneficial for Riordan’s success and extraordinary customer service satisfaction. Potential Sources of Resistance

Resistance to change is expected and will be addressed immediately. To promote changes with minimal resistance, a strategy must be put in place. Sources of resistance may come from employees who are highly invested in the current working conditions, people who have been rewarded and successful in the current working conditions and those who expressed proposals for change, but their proposals were ultimately not chosen. Before changes take place, a first step will be to determine where resistance may originate and act upon it immediately so it does not interfere with the project. Second, change must happen immediately and all leadership will actively...

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