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The greatest risk to the successful implementation of business development is the failure to take into consideration major aspects of Organisational Change Management. Poor communications, inadequate training or insufficient workforce planning can lead to a lack of acceptance of business changes and poor performance at the end-user level. In some cases, failure to provide for adequate Organisational Change Management planning can result in substantial financial loss or delayed implementation. Organisational Change Management encompasses all activities aimed at helping an organisation successfully achieve corporate goals. Effective Change Management enables the transformation of strategy, processes, technology, and people to enhance performance and ensure continuous improvement in an ever-changing environment. A comprehensive and structured approach to Organisational Change Management is critical to the success of any project that will bring about significant change. The following factors related to the Environmental Protection project indicate the need for clear and timely Organisational Change Management throughout the project. a.Organisational structure and strategy

b.Financial and budget arrangements
c.Marketing strategy
d. Skills and training
e. Equipment
f. Systems and processes
Effective Organisational Change Management can minimise the impact of these factors on the project and ensure that all personnel affected by the Environmental Protection project receive assistance to help them manage change in their area. When significant change in business strategy takes place, the Project Team can expect to experience resistance. The Organisational Change Management effort described in this document will provide the various stakeholder groups information about the project’s purpose, scope, benefits, and opportunities as well as how the job environment will change due to the implementation of new work streams. Organisational Change Management will become the voice of this project and help define the changes required within the processes, policies and procedures. It is the intent of the project team that this Organisational Change Management effort will lessen the “output dip” that is inevitable in any varied and complex project.

The main goal of this Change Management document is to ensure all the necessary changes that support the Environmental Protection project infrastructure and services are performed and implemented correctly by ensuring standard procedures are followed. Change Management must work to ensure that changes:

* Are justified
* Are carried out without jeopardising service quality
* Are properly recorded, classified and documented
* Have been carefully tested

The main benefits of proper change management are:
* The number of potential incidents and problems associated with each change is reduced * If the change has a negative impact, the process of returning to a stable environment is relatively quick and simple * Changes are better received and the tendency to resist change is reduced * The true costs associated with the change are evaluated and it is therefore easier to assess the true return on the investment * Standard change procedures are developed allowing rapid updates to non-critical systems.

Implementing an appropriate change management policy can also run into serious difficulties: * The various departments concerned must accept the authority of Change Management over issues relating to the change, independently from whether the change is made to solve a problem, improve a service or adapt the system to legal requirements * Established procedures are not followed and in particular the information is not circulated. * The people responsible for Change Management lack an in-depth knowledge of the organisation's activities, services, needs, and structure making them...
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