Change Management

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Managing People

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There are many different models of organizational change. Each has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the organizational development specialist to match the specific model to the current needs of the organization. The ADKAR model for organizational change is goal oriented and allows teams to focus on activities for business results. ADKAR was originally used to determine if activities for the change where producing the results wanted by the organization. The ultimate purpose for ADKAR is to align traditional change to ensure that the organization gets the results or goals they desire. This is a useful tool for the planning and execution of a change management team. The ADKAR model uses changes on two dimensions; business and employees. In order for the change to be successful, the business and employee dimensions must occur together. The business dimension focuses on the typical project for the change. The business dimension will include project elements to identify need or opportunity, define scope and objectives, design and develop new process, systems and organizational structure, and implement the solution into the organization. The employee dimension focuses on the employees involved in the change. The people dimension is often linked to the failure of change. The employee dimension will include awareness of the need to change, desire to participate and support the change, knowledge of how to change and what it should look like, ability to implement the change on a day-to-day basis and reinforcement to keep the change in place. (Prosci, 2007) It is important that the people are proceeding through and adjusting as the business dimension continues to develop. The ADKAR model uses building blocks to create a successful individual and organizational change. To be successful the steps are done in a sequential order to get the desired outcome. In a scenario of an organization change the important...

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