Change Initiative Paper

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Change Initiative Paper: Evolving Hospice Telecare
Evolving Hospice Telecare
Perhaps one of the greatest triumphs in United States history, World War II was essentially ended upon the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The boom heard around the world was not the only important outcome but rather what came after which was the baby boom. Many weary husbands that were coming home to eager wives caused one of the biggest statistical jumps of birth rates following the war. Often referred to as the “baby boomers”, this generation becomes especially important to the medical field in the present day. This is where hospice comes into play, allowing individuals the choice of obtaining this benefit upon reaching a 6 month or less terminal diagnosis. Hospice gives the individual a chance to die comfortably in a nursing facility, a general impatient hospital, or their own home. As an individual who used to work for Vitas Innovative Hospice, I ran the Telecare department which was responsible for the after-hours phone lines available to the patients and families. Patient Care Secretaries were assigned to handle calls and create tickets based on the customer needs whether it is a symptom or equipment failure. Nurses were similar, however, they were to receive the call from the secretary or call back the patient in order to triage the symptom properly. Vitas Telecare must adapt to be ready for the incoming flux of new patients from not only the baby boomers but from future generations to come. The Need for Change

The change to be delivered is not a specific target but rather a broad change to efficiency to maximize profits while still maintaining Vitas’ core values “patients and families come first”. In the past decade, hospice in general has been coming under fire for keeping patients too long in their services should their prognosis improve. According to the Union Tribune, it was announced on February 13 of 2013; San Diego Hospice had filed...

References: Sisson, P. (2014). SD Hospice to Close; Scripps Steps in. Union Tribune. Retrieved September 9, 2014, from, M. (2014). Successful Change Management - Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model. Retrieved September 9, 2014, from
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