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Topics: September 11 attacks, Attack, United States Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: July 15, 2013
David Hill
ENG 106
Ms. James
Research Proposal
Our Government a Conspiracy?

Every since I was exposed to the controversial footage “Loose Change”, it sparked a peculiar interest in my further knowledge of what happened on September 11, 2001 in New York. For my term paper in English 106, I propose to prove that the 9/11 incident was in fact an inside job operated by our own government and that in fact they are behind multiple disasters in the United States. Project Purpose, Description, and Outcome: I will mainly focus on the 9/11 disaster and what facts are provided to explain what really happened. I am interested in this topic because it is a terrible idea that our government, which is placed here to aid the country, is helping tear it down by planning attacks that take lives of innocent people. Events such as 9/11 are accused of having some form of corruption behind it and that it was planned from the start. There are strong pieces of evidence in order to explain this. Some of my secondary questions will consist of: * What was the reason for a terrorist attack on the U.S?

* What outside sources aided the attack?
* Was it an inside job?
* How was U.S. affected by it?
* What other sources of government might be corrupted?
My working thesis will revolve around why these attacks were set up and who was involved. Finding this information will help me further understand who is corrupt, what the motive was behind the attacks and what can we expect in the future from this corruption. Project Plan: My primary research will deal with mostly the Loose Change documentary since it was the first and main source to this theory. After viewing and gathering information from there I will proceed to search for personal accounts of people that may be affiliated with the attacks.
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