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Topics: IP address, MAC address, Network address translation Pages: 7 (1493 words) Published: January 4, 2015
CCNA5 sem1 Final – Study guideName Harwinder Singh 1. Using the header and trailer format, what is the order of PDU encapsulation? Frame header, network header, transport header, data, frame tailor. 2. What is the purpose of using the keystrokes (Ctrl-Shift-6 key) after issuing the ping command? 2.1.4 Ony for Cli use and it helps you end the ping.

3. Why is a converged network of importance?1.3.1
Converged networks are capable of delivering voice, video streams, text, and graphics between many different types of devices over the same communication. 4. In the network below, which area would most likely be an extranet, and which would be an Intranet? 1.2.3 a- Exatrnet; b-Extranet; c- Intrranet; and d- Intranet

5. What is the function of the physical layer of the OSI model? 4.1.2 It lets the user send transport the data across the network. 6. Why do they twist wire pairs together in copper cables? 4.2.1 The twisting of wires helps protect against signal interference from other wires 7. When the destination MAC address of a received frame is not in the MAC table, what will a Layer 2 switch do? 5.3.1 The switch send the frame to all the ports except the one it recived it from.

8. What is tested using the Loopback command ping 2.3.3 It determines if the network on the local host is functioning on the right network. 9. What is the auto-MDIX feature on a switch used for? 5.3.1 It is used to enable crosove conectivity between the switch and other devices. 10. In an IPv4 packet header, which field will usually stay the same during its transmission? 6.1.3 Version is always set to 0100.

11. What is the default order a router will search for startup configuration info? 6.3.2 NVRAM, TFTP and setup mode.
12. How does the router choose the path to the destination network when there are multiple routes available? 6.2.2 It uses the address of the gateway devices to forward the information to the destination. 13. List the 3 functions or processes running on intermediary network devices during conversations from a host accessing a Telnet server on a remote network? Classify and direct messages according to Quality of Service (QoS) priorities, Regenerate and retransmit data signals, Maintain information about what pathways exist through the network and internetwork. 14. On a network. The first employee uses a web browser to view a company web page. The second employee accesses the database to perform some financial transactions. The third employee participates in an live audio conference. If QoS is implemented on this network, what will be the priorities from highest to lowest of these data types? 1. Audio Confrence, 2. Web Page, 3.Financial Transactions. 15. During normal operation, which location will most Cisco switches run the IOS? 2.1.1 RAM

16. What ISP connection type should be used that provides high speed digital transmission over regular phone lines? 1.2.4 DSL 17. What connection type provides a secure CLI session with encryption to a Cisco switch or router? 2.1.2 SSH- Secure Shell protocol

18. Which address on a PC never changes, even if the PC is moved to a different network? 3.3. Mac address
19. What is the result of issuing a (copy running-config startup-config) command if the switch is restarted? 2.2.3 This commands help the switch back up all the information and if it restarts it reboots using what was saved using the command. 20. On which switch interface would an administrator configure an IP address so that the switch can be managed remotely? 2.3.1 Switch Virtual Interfaces (SVI)

21. What will happen if the default gateway address is incorrectly configured on a host? 3.3.3 The information will not be delivered.
22. A host PC has just booted and is attempting to lease an address through DHCP. What is the first message sent by the client to the server? 10.2.2 DHCPREQUEST
23. What method is used to manage contention-based...
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