Case Study - Bill Brady

Topics: Top-down and bottom-up design, Change management, Organization Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: September 7, 2011
Case Study Analysis

This paper is going to analyze the Bill Brady Case Study. Bill Brady is a vice president and administration department head for a large financial institution, he has been in the industry for 40 years and has been the department head for the past 10 years. The companies environment is currently undergoing significant changes right now. A year ago Bill Brady's boss retired and Ben Sage was hired as his replacement. Ben was hired from the outside the culture of the company and brought in a dynamic, loyal, bright personal staff from his former company. The industry standard is trending toward large accounts and competition from other banks for smaller, traditional accounts is cutting into the market. The company is nearing the limits provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission regulations for administering accounts. The administration cost of the company are rising and are currently among the highest in the industry, employee turnover ratio is low and staffing levels are high.

These problems were identified by the previous executive vice president and they were discussed with Bill Brady often. Bill had approached the previous executive vice president with several viable plans. The reduction of staff through attrition. Increasing productivity through renegotiating performance standards and improving performance appraisals. He also wanted to maintain better contact with account representatives and to improve service for customers by gradual computerization of many labor-intensive procedures. These changes were deemed overly ambitious, too expensive and involved too much change too soon. Bill was optimistic when Ben Sage was appointed as the new executive vice president but he quickly became disillusioned and angry when the new staff was brought into the organization and a special group was set up to effect change rather than consider a plan developed by Bill who has over 40 years of company experience. Several...

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