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Topics: Management, Change management, Organization Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Green Mountain Resort

Trent E. Perry

Change Management, BUS 554

Dr. Pogue

November 14, 2012


Change management is as an approach to shifting or transitioning individual teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state (Change Management, 2012). According to Jon Griffith “change management; apart from being a seductive response to complexity, has itself become a prestigious activity. Catalysts, champions and mangers of change are heroes: they turn things around, they are inspirational, and they are movers and shakers” (Griffith, 2002). This case study offers a brief definition of the six images of managing change, and the framework on which they operate and exist. The Green Mountain resort’s effective dissolution of a chronic business crisis sheds light on three of the of the six images of managing change.

A small slice of heaven, and a legitimately enticing business opportunity…the Green mountain resort was small quiet getaway tucked into the Appalachians. The resort offered tennis, golf, skiing and many other outdoor enthusiast recreational activities. The resort was the linchpin upon which all of the local real estate agents operated. The resort was an attractive amenity to home ownership in Green Mountain. Inevitably, the properties sold out as did the luster of the hospitable little mountain resort. The investment bank that funded the original project sent in a team of management to clean up operations to seal the resort. The team fell in love with the rural beauty and bought it to manage. Due to the demographics of the county, the employee turnover rate was astronomical and it was very difficult to find quality help to stay on. Management’s concern for the high turnover rate and lack of continuity let them down a path of Band-Aid initiatives. Term contracts and benefits thought to retain key players were...

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