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Essay Question:

What assumptions shape the approaches of Gunter and the consultant to the management of change? Motivate your answer with reference to Palmer et al:s images of change management.


It is obvious that there is not only one right way, but there is different ways of seeing. Then there can be better and worse ways compatible with the problem you stand in front of. In this case we identify one perspective Gunther had and how he approached his problem in the organization. What perspective that drove him forward and how he then tried to manage change. Continuously how he was able to see this problem in another perspective and how the consultant helped him to interpret the situation differently.

Gunthers first attempts of managing change

To identify what assumptions that changed Gunther we use the model; six images of change. These are different images for the manager to see the organization and themselves in different perspectives (Palmer & Dunford, 2009, p. 26). In the case “green mountain resort” the resort manager Gunther, believed a frightening problem for both the current situation but especially for the future was the high turnover. He tried to manage this with different organizational changes and believed on a positive outcome. So he believed they already were on the edge of chaos and he had to take them out of there to get “better” (Palmer & Dunford, 2009, p. 40). In the article by (Weick and Quinn, 1999, p. 365-366) they label this form of thinking as episodic change. It is explained as a change that occurs in a distinct period because of a step away from its equilibrium. So in the beginning Gunther believes in a good outcome and is acting according to a change that is episodic. I interpret the text as if he went through different stages and different change processes to reach an outcome in what he believed was positive. Gunther...

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