Carrie Underwood See You Again Analysis

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Hope For the Hopeless
The huge sign reads “Welcome home daddy!” as the little girl runs and jumps into her father’s arms at the airport. In Carrie Underwood’s song “See You Again” there are many clips of soldiers returning home in the music video. This song reminds today’s society that they will be reunited with their loved ones, whether in this life or the next. Underwood released this song just a few months ago, after the Sandy Hook shootings and the Oklahoma tornadoes. It has become impossible not to notice that today’s society has begun to lose hope in the world. “See You Again” shows us the raw images and reasons that the society has begun to lose hope, but it reminds the population that we must find and maintain hope, because without hope today’s society has nothing. Underwood reminds people that there is so much in the world to hope for; that they must rid themselves from the negative mindsets, and begin to work to better the world again. “See You Again” demonstrates a heartwarming message through strong tension, lyrics, and many images that state today’s society must rediscover and keep hope.

The video starts with a white room covered with white sheer curtains and Carrie Underwood dressed in all while. Not even seconds later the video zooms through about fifty images and videos of people returning from the military, graduations, deaths, Sandy Hook shootings, Oklahoma tornadoes, proposals, and weddings. These are just some of the examples of the images that are shown on the screen for just a few seconds. The video makes emphasis on the military returns, deaths, and many happy memories. Carrie Underwood is shown many times throughout the video in the white, well-lit room. During the video some of the other images show the memorials of the Sandy Hook shooting, and the Oklahoma tribute, then the camera pans back to Underwood, where we find her sitting with her head nested on her crossed arms. This is a much more vulnerable side of Carrie; which shows the...

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