Cafe de Coral

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Executive Summary
Report Summary
It is undeniable the competition in the business arena is very stiff. People in the business world must find the best way in order to be successful. Business, nowadays, have to cut cost to the bone by downsizing, outsourcing, offshore IT development and management. The growth of an organisation now depends on the ability of the businesses to innovate. Innovation is no longer regarded as the exclusive preserve of the research and development department. Instead, many businesses see that innovation must become a part of the core competency of every part of the organisation and its network of business partners. Relevance with the Organization

Perhaps, every organisation wants to initiate a management system and strategy that could maintain the organisation’s capability, strength and competitiveness. It is important that the management team and the organisation per se should always open their mind for changes that they might encounter in order to cope and adapt to the latest development that are happening within and outside their environment. With the constant changes in this world and with the tremendous growth of technologies, many people especially those in the working organisation find themselves normally adapting. This is because change can bring many improvement and development in certain aspects. In many ways, change can make work easier, pave the way for future innovations or generally improve people’s lives. Similarly, change has been adapted by various work organisations for varied reasons. Hence, as a competitive organization, Café de Coral Group must be open- minded to changes so as to have sustainable market ability and maintain the competitive advantage of the company. Introduction

Company Background
Café de Coral Group is recognised as the largest publicly Chinese Fast food restaurant group. This has 330 outlets all over Asia Pacific and has 200 quick service restaurants in North America. With it 540 outlets, 120 and 75 outlets are operational under the household of Café de Coral and New Asia Dabao respectively. In addition, the company also has 200 outlets operated under the leading brand of Manchu Work and 20 outlets with a name of Oliver’s Super Sandwiches. The group has also specialty restaurants such as Bravo le Café, Spaghetti House, Super Congee and Noodles, Ah Yee Leng Tong and Bistro M and had a well established institutional catering business in the trade name of Asia Pacific Catering. Café de Coral came from the Chinese ideal which means togetherness and forms three word logo which means that both the shareholders, the staffs and the target market should be “all happy together” at Café de Coral. The company has a motto of “A Hundred Points of Excellence”. This shows the strong commitment of the organization to strive for excellence through their corporate strategies. The mission of the company is to establish the Café de Coral Holdings as a well-known corporation in the food and catering business as the largest Chinese quick service restaurant group which maintains a publicly recognised competitive position in the market place, quick service chain business having a vertical and horizontal diversification to the food services, food processing and distribution, catering and hospitality sectors all over the world. Brief Description of Change

Each and every industries may it be small or large companies are subject to different factors that affect the firm’s function as a whole. In the light of this, there are certain ways or techniques that can be considered in order to emerge and continue to be competitive within the market place. One of these is the initiation of changes and innovation within the industrial sector so as to provide quality products and services to the consumers and to ensure that the company will be able to outgrow their rival companies. Known as change management, companies, businesses and working organisations are integrating change into their...
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