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Riordan Manufacturing currently maintains four different locations that specialize in manufacturing and corporate operations. Each of the locations has continued to operate using the same business systems they had when they were acquired and folded into Riordan. This presents a challenge to the management at Riordan as they have a multitude of different systems to deal with when managing the operations. Not only do they have to worry about compatibility issues between the systems but they also have to worry about the costs associated with having these different systems that are each independent. With that concern the company’s management has decided to request a solution to the problem and ask for a new integrated business system for the entire company. Service request SR-rm-012 has the following goals: “A summary of all the business systems that Riordan Manufacturing needs for effective management.” (Riordan Manufacturing , 2007). Based on the request the business system needs to help make management and operations run better in all of their divisions which include: Finance and account, the customer facing Internet site, sales and marketing, human resources and the legal department. Finance and Accounting

Finance and Account at Riordan is one that has many issues that cause the company to lose money when tracking the money. Currently the systems in place at the four plants are all different systems based on the license that was acquired at the time for that facility. The system as it stands now has the glaring issue: “Some F & A data is provided to corporate via data files; some data is provided via hardcopy reports and must be re-entered; some data is provided via data files but must be converted (redirected) to the proper account codes and the list goes on” (Riordan, 2006). Each of these systems contains the standard accounting, ledgers, payable accounts, reports, and histories. With each of these parts having to be entered once at one factory then re-entered at corporate costs the company hundreds of hours of time and money in redundant data entry. The solution to fix this is to replace all the different system with one integrated solution. The integrated solution Microsoft’s Dynamics Software solutions, the systems many features includes a dedicated Financial Accounting Suite. The Dynamics Financial suite allows the Finance and Accounting division of Riordan to go to one single location regardless of the factory location and use the same software. This suite allows the accountants in China to enter their plants information for costs, and profits and in real time transmit the data up to the corporate headquarters. It is then seamlessly integrated with the data from the other factory locations for management to be able to access a view. Once the data is entered into the system the Dynamic suite boosts another feature in which it provides automated financial controls that allows the company to reduce accounting costs, by allowing the software to manage, merge, and report the data as it comes in. While providing an automated solution, the system also provides managers with complex financial planning and modeling based on historical data trends. This allows the accounting staff to more accurately forecast and project trends allowing them to adequately adjust financial resources ahead of time. Providing these solutions not only in their own software interface, but the Dynamic suite allows you to export all the data or selected data into spreadsheets to allow management with even more power to view the data. In addition to providing a seamless solution for the accounting firm the system helps to reduce costs not only in the accounting department but also in the IT department. Microsoft’s Dynamic system allows gives the user the option to remove their existing data servers and centers and host all the data on Microsoft’s servers. The system not only reduces the cost for storing the accounting data but also...

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