Business Studies Research Assessment Task

Topics: Employment, Management, Change management Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: September 28, 2011
Business Studies Research Assessment Task

Employers have certain rights and obligations, when it comes to the running of a business. As well as that Employers have to use certain systems, such as communication systems, to manage change in their Business, and also using rewards in Employment relations process, to manage this sort of change.

Rights and Obligations
An Employer has a number of rights and responsibilities when it comes to his/her employees. The number one obligation the employer has to his employees is to treat the according to the law, and not participate in any illegal practises. Laws set the minimum amount an employer can pay his/her employees, what the working conditions are there to be, and how the employees are treated. A major new law that has come in into place, that affects an employer’s obligation, is “The Fair Work Act 2009”. This act, affects a number of employer obligations, such as what award they should pay, and how easy they can dismiss a person from the workplace, among other things. Employers also have certain ethical obligations they have to meet, if they want to achieve a successful and happy business. For example, Westpac, considers the amount of men and woman in the managerial positions, and tries to promote equality, by giving more women a chance in management roles. Westpac, being a huge company, also contributed greatly towards community projects, and encourages employees to contribute to charity, by guaranteeing that they will match anything that the employees donate. These all are examples of ethical obligations that the employers of Westpac feel they have. Now days a very noticeable ethical issue is environmental sustainable practises, many business have a great effect on the environment, and are looked upon to not pollute their surrounding. Once again, Westpac has achieved some sort of breakthrough with their ecological practises, as they encourage...
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