Business Studies Controlled Assessment

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Business Studies Controlled Assessment
My small business introduction

A brief description of my small business.

My small business is a local business that is located near its potential customers on Nags Head Road, Enfield. This small business is a small off lenience that it is a sole trader however it does have two employees working for him regularly. A small selection of the products/services are that it provides for its customers if things like bread, sweets, drink, alcohol and a key meter that allows you to put money on the key, which then provides the customers with electricity for their homes. Another thing that this small business provides to the customers is that it allows them to top up their oyster card for them to travel around London. The consumer profile of customers would be 10 years and above, this business attracts all ages of customers whether you are a young or a senior person. Furthermore this business provides a standard/excellent customer service which gives this small business a really good name and reputation.

Map of the location of my small business and its front and side view of the shop.

Consumer Profile

Competition and their location/ why they are competitors.
I have identified my competition by conducting primary research and secondary research in the form of a questionnaire and the internet. Off License This business is located at Durants Road and they provide competition to my business because they just like my business are also off licenses who practically sell the same products at say different prices. This business has the upper advantage as they are also nearer to their customers and are located on the main road which gives them more customers to advertise at that are driving past. This then gives them more of a chance to make more sales and more profit than my business. Tesco extra

This business is located at Southbury Rod, EN1 1RT and this well-known business provides completion to my small business due to it being so big and so well known in 13 countries including the United Kingdom and they plan to still expand. Tesco also provide the same products to the customers but at a lower and cheaper price attracting more. Moreover they have a massive product portfolio giving the customers more of a chose. Furthermore they attract to all ages from young children to seniors. Lick’n Chick’n

This also small business is located right next to Tesco’s. They happen to be an indirect threat to my small business due to them not selling the same products and services as mine. However they sell chicken and chips and burgers etc., which are cheap and fill people up and attract them. This business attracts customers by making deals not like my business as they attract customers using posters on their windows using bright and bold colors to attract the customer’s eyes. Asda

This business is located on 67 High Street, Ponders End, Enfield, EN3 4EF and they just like Tesco, big competitors with similar products and a wide product portfolio. Asda compared to Tesco have more cheaper products which is a threat to my small business and they may be out of business if big companies like Tesco and Asda decide to set up more of their business nearer my potential customers.

SWOT analysis for my small business.

Competitive strategies of my small business Off License: Product

Description of the product/service of my small business.
The products that my small businesses entrepreneur sells are things like tobacco, alcohol, groceries and the things that are convenience in a normal persons day to day life because my small business knows that if someone forgets something when doing their weekly shopping they can quickly pop in to their (my small businesses) shop and they are fine and don’t need to worry. They also provide a guaranty service and deliver what the...
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