Business Organization and Management

Topics: Change management, Management, Organization Pages: 6 (1912 words) Published: November 7, 2012
MKG 502M
Business Organization and Management

Individual Report Ⅱ
Organization change and stress management

Group 3

Mr. Artemio Gesmundo Jr.
Sept.2, 2012

Right Management(A leading global communications provider), was facing declining employee engagement and retention of key talent. The business was going through constant changes as it adapted its offerings to the changing economy and, as a result, continuously altered employee responsibilities. Employees were confused, not knowing or understanding organizational goals and their role in achieving them, and were discouraged by mostly horizontal career paths rather than vertical growth.The company engaged Right Management to implement a change management program designed to increase the agility of both staff and leadership and improve their effectiveness in navigating change. The end goal was to improve morale and engagement, decrease unwanted turnover and minimize disruption to productivity during change. II. POINT OF VIEW

Organizational Change and stress is an important consideration for companies that are implementing new goals and objectives. Bringing about effective change on a company wide scale requires careful planning and implementation. Current research indicates that stress can result from the cognitive process associated with change or from structural changes that affect processes and labor requirements.An individual can undergo resistance to change when their security is threatened, they are intimidated by the change, fear the unknown or have anxiety or self doubt as a result of new processes that require the development of new skill sets. This is a big challenge for companies to manage organizational behavior and stress. The evaluation and planning stage of the change initiates needs to consider the likely ramifications on workers above and beyond the end effects. This requires a proactive approach and consultation with the workers who are most affected by the change.Resistance to organizational change and stress can also result from a change in a companies infrastructure, administration systems or the technology used by the company. Process change can result in a reallocation of labor, the breakup of existing teams, and the merging of departments and personnel. The movement into new territory and the adaptation that is required can create stress for workers who are resistant to the change.

less than half of employees Are confident in their organization’s change Process. Organizations that do not manage change well are four times more likely to lose talent. Ineffective change management can lead to lower levels of job confidence. Ineffective change management negatively impacts an organization’s ability to attract talent. More than half of employees did not believe that senior leaders effectively implemented change or that change was handled effectively in their organization

1. Senior leaders implement effective change
2. Safe and healthy workplace
3. Efficient work processes and people systems
4. Fit-for-purpose structure
5. Open and honest communication
6. Employees empowered to make changes to the way things are done 7. Teamwork between business units/departments
8. Resources to do the job well
9. Line managers have appropriate skills
1. use Assessment tools to evaluate each employee’s change readiness. To create a comprehensive change management system, leaders need to conduct an organizational readiness assessment. One assessment is designed to evaluate structural issues. Another assessment evaluates the change effectiveness skills and abilities of employees by analyzing the specific behaviors and characteristics needed to adapt easily to sometimes difficult changing circumstances — such as an...
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