Business and Consumer Protection in Islam

Topics: Consumer protection, Consumer, Sharia Pages: 7 (2537 words) Published: February 15, 2011

A.Islamic Business
Modern business is a very complex reality. Many factors influence and determine the business activity. Among other organizational factors managerial, scientific technological and socio-cultural-political, the business complexity of social activities, business with the complexities of modern society. For social events, business in many ways intertwined with the complexities of modern society. All the factors that make up the complexities of modern business has been frequently studied and analyzed through a scientific approach, especially in economics and management theory (K. Bertens: 2000). In the myth of modern business business people are required to be professional people in his field. They have the skills and business skills beyond the average person, he should be able to show that performance is above average business performance amateur. What's interesting is not only about the performance aspects of the business, managerial, and technical organizations alone but also about the ethical aspects. Performance becomes prasarat business success also involves a moral commitment, moral integrity, discipline, loyalty, unity of moral vision, service, attitude give priority to quality, respect for rights and interests of relevant parties concerned (stakeholders), which over time will develop into a business ethics in a company. Conduct an honest Prophet transparent and generous in doing business practice is the key to success in managing the business Khodijah ra, is a concrete example of the morals and ethics in business. (Http:// 20bisnis% 20islam.pdf) If we trace the history, the religion of Islam seems a favorable view of trade and economic activity. Prophet Muhammad was a merchant, and the religion of Islam spread primarily through the Muslim traders. In the Qur'an there is a warning against the misuse of wealth, but not prohibited from seeking wealth by lawful means (QS: 2; 275) "Allah has made trade and prohibits usury." Islam puts trading activity in a very strategic position in the center of human activity seek sustenance and livelihood. This can be seen in the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "Pay attention by all your trade, real commercial world it is nine out of ten the door of sustenance." Dawam Rahardjo precisely suspect Weber thesis on ethics of Protestantism, which cites business activities as a human responsibility to God quoting from Islamic teachings. The following business activities that are prohibited in sharia: 1.Avoiding business transaction that is forbidden in Islam. A Muslim must be committed to interact with things that are made lawful by Allah SWT. A Muslim businessman should not be doing business in the things forbidden by sharia. And a Muslim businessman claimed to always do the good business and society. Business, food is not halal or kosher not contain ingredients, liquor, drugs, prostitution or all of which relate to the world of sparkling like night clubs discotic café where mixing of men and women accompanied by a stomping songs, treats and drinks and the food is not kosher Other (QS: Al-A'raf; 32. QS: Al Maidah; 100) is a business activity that is forbidden. 2.Avoiding how to obtain and use property is not kosher. The practice of usury is miserable to be avoided, Islam prohibits usury with severe threats (QS: Al-Baqara, 275-279), while speculative transactions are very closely related to the business that is not transparent such as gambling, fraud, violated the trust so it will most likely harm. Hoarding of money to turn off the function to be enjoyed by others and the narrow space of business and economic activity is a disgraceful act and being rewarded to the most severe (Sura: At-Tauba: 34-35). Redundant and a waste of money for purposes that are not useful and dissipate all the excesses. All properties are prohibited because it is a trait that is not wise in the use of property and...
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