Before and After

Topics: September 11 attacks, Islam, World Trade Center Pages: 5 (1631 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Before and After
Sitting in a classroom in the first grade is where the class of 2013 is sitting when one of the most devastating acts of history takes place. It’s a normal day, teachers teaching, everyone working just as any other day. In New York, the city is hustling and bustling as fifty thousand people head into work at the World Trade Center. Muslims and Americans alike are enjoying American freedoms but this was short lived. September 11, 2001 was that one devastating day in American history where millions of lives were changes and American tolerance for Muslims and Muslims tolerance for Americans had a severe drop. Life before September 11, 2001 for Americans and Muslims will only be a memory in a long term battle between the two groups.

Before this tragic event, America was becoming more tolerant of the Islam faith. Only in the recent years before September 11, 2001 were Americans becoming more tolerant of this religion. America was based on a Judeo-Christian faith and teaching and America was slowly becoming accepting of this new faith. (1) America is a melting pot for many different kinds of people, mixing new beliefs, ideas, and cultures, and Islam was slowly melting in to normal everyday America. American life was good, walking through airport security was a breeze, and while religion is always a controversy, Americans were tolerant of the growing American-Muslim culture. The first amendment rights were being up held, life before 9/11 was good for the American people, but not perfect by any means, there was still discrimination between the Christian religion and Islam. ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Ahmed, Nazeer. "Islam in America – Before 9/11." History of Islam An Encyclopedia of Islamic History. Los Angeles Times, 9 1998. Web. 12 Dec 2012. <–-before-911/>.

Islam immigrants were not as tolerated as native Muslims and there was still discrimination in America. The lack of American tolerance of Muslims is actually one of the factors that resulted in the September 11th attacks. Muslims born in America were tolerated and melted into society better than immigrants. (3) The Muslim people treated Americans hesitantly and were slow to trust the American people. This had a lot to do with the culture being new and growing in America. Muslims did not go around shooting people and disturbing the peace as many people to think. Before September 11, 2001 Muslims were moderately tolerant with the American people.

The hijackers were nineteen Muslim men that were part of Al-Qaeda, ran by Osama Bin Laden. These nineteen men boarded three different flights, flight 11 and flight 175 in Boston Massachusetts, and flight 77 in San Francisco. Flight 11 hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center, flight 175 hit the South Tower, and flight 77 hit the Pentagon. There was a fourth flight that was taken down and landed in Pennsylvania without hitting anything. Total, 2,830 people dies in the World Trade Center. Most of these victims were civilians on the premises. This number also includes 343 New York firefighters; 23 New York City police officers; 37 Port Authority police officers; 92 persons on American Airline Flight 11; and 65 people on United Airline Flight 175.(2) 189 people also died in the Pentagon attack. This was the turning point for American tolerance for Muslims because Al-Qaeda, a Muslim terrorist group, devastated America in a way that would almost never be forgiven by most. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. "9-11: The Basics of the Attack on America." 9-11: The Basics of the Attack on America. N.p., n.d.

Web. 16 Dec. 2012. <>. 3. Elver, Hilal. "Racializing Islam Before and After 9/11: From Melting Pot to Islamophobia."University of Iowa. Web. 12 Dec 2012....
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