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Voice over Internet Protocol 1
Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol
June 13, 2010

Voice over Internet Protocol 2
In this paper I will attempt to analyze an actual case study on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). I will be giving a detailed explanation of the case study and the organization. I will include the reason the organization required a VoIP solution. I will explain how the VoIP solution helped the organization, and list the advantages of using a VoIP solution.

Voice over Internet Protocol 3
Voice over Internet Protocol
This paper will discuss a company by the name of The New York Blower Company (NYB). This company is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans and blowers. The NYB organization had three major goals. The NYB organization is tired of replacing its aging phone system every five years. The company would also like to control the overall cost. The last goal is to provide a better way of communicating with the mobile supervisors on the factory floor. Finally a Voice over Internet Protocol system by Appia communications was recommended to solve all issues (New Case Study, 2009).

The solution included all three of the company’s locations. This required a full network equipment refresh and configuration for over 200 phones. The refresh included Appia T-1 connections resulting in a truly private network for NYB. VoIP improved the company’s operations in the following ways: Cost savings, time savings, completely private network, and ability to separate business traffic from Internet browsing traffic. The last improvement was a common voicemail system and four-digit dialing between sites (NYB, 2009).

The benefits of using VoIP are: less expensive long distance calls, some VoIP plans give you the option to choose your own area code, numbers and email can be routed to your VoIP account, additional applications that would cost you extra with traditional phone such as 3-way calling,...
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