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Assignment Specification
Read the ‘The Camelot Ice Cream’ case study in Appendix 1 & critically evaluate a number of new systems solutions which will improve their competitive position and internal efficiency and effectiveness to enable them to cope with their planned growth strategies in light of academic theory of system implementation success.

You are members of a team of consultants. Camelot has asked you to suggest ways of tackling the above problems and of taking opportunities for improving Camelot's business. You are required to research both the market and available IS/IT and write a report to the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Camelot, which includes the following: a) Recommend the suitable four IS/IT solutions/systems that if developed would aid Camelot in achieving their objectives.

Camelot objectives include:(i)Fraud (ii)Over-selling (iii)Marketing information (iv)Salesperson Efficiency (v)Depot Efficiency (vi)Customer satisfaction (vii)Bad debts

Operational level(OIS)-(i) TPS e.g. for stock issued to delivery truck drivers and returned/old stocks, (ii)OAS-for the warehouse staff to produce summary reports e.g. quantity on hand and expiry. Management level (MIS)-(i) IRS e.g. week summary of expired or to be expired stocks, say. (ii)EIS e.g. how many to produce during each season (say), a system to track competitor pricing and sales.

Implicit objectives could include:
Camelot’s management (e.g. the warehouse supervisor) wanted a system to predict the number of returned products for the next week.

b) Discuss the issues that the management of Camelot will be required to address during the development and implementation of your proposed solutions.

Getting involvement of stakeholders, e.g. the user during testing of the completed software system before ‘go-live’, get user inputs on what the finished system will deliver- data to be keyed in, reports to be generated say. [Please established who are the...
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