Analytic Exercise

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Analytical exercise
Political power working on racism
SOCL 243 Week 6
This position paper analyses political power working on racism. Exploring the example of, a part of the everyday racism – Islamophobia- discusses how political power get involved in and intensifies the racism process of Muslims and compares my example with extract cited from Poynting and Mason. First of all, it will present a brief summary of arguments in Poynting and Mason. Afterwards, there is an analysis about example of Islamophobia, Iram khan’s detention, which will be discussed relating to the Poynting and Mason’s example, ‘White Australia Policy’, about how political power works on racism. The data used in this paper are referencing from ‘The guardian’ and ‘Mondoweiss’ o-line newspapers from their websites and extracting from Poynting and Mason’s essay about Islamophobia. Ultimately, I will point out the limitation in this paper about my arguments of Political power.

Poynting and Mason’s arguments of Islamophobia:
In Poynting and Mason’s essay, we can found that it has accounted for Islamphobia as an everyday racism and institutional racism in the world. It has further demonstrated that the world had not really been changed anew after 9-11. Thereafter, 9-11 is just a catalyst of existing tendencies to excess the aware of Anti-Muslim, definition of Muslims and Arab as ‘other’. Moreover, exemplified incidents happened within UK and Australia, such as Rushdie affair in 1989; Iranian Revolution in 1979; ethnic gang rape and infamous children overboard affair, tells us about Islamophobia it actually existed before 9-11. Furthermore, the essay indicates the opponents of multiculturalism who made up an ideology effect to legitimate their attacks on cultural diversity. The ideology effect which told by them vilify non-Christian or non-Western cultures are rude, uncivilized, antipathic to Britons and Australian. They also point out the media and popular racists’ power work on racism processes. From the examples, we can easily understand that media have been playing a very important role in encouraging of, outbreaks of anti-Muslims. Ultimately, Poynting and Mason strongly remind us to contextualize the empire’s political purpose and political power participating in the process of everyday racism. I will discuss this aspect later.

Iram khan detained by US official for his views on drone
Pakistan’s cricket legend and popular politician, Iram khan, was detained and questioned by US immigration for his points of view on drone strikes when he tried to enter New York on Saturday, 27th Oct, 2012. Khan, an activist of anti-drone wanted to be the next Prime minister of Pakistan. A promise has been stated by Khan that he would shoot down US drones that entered Pakistan if he finally wins the elected campaign. He had asked US and international community stop ignoring this issue. In terms of the report by Annie Robbins, Mondoweiss, 12th Oct (is a self-described "news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East), Khan was detained by US immigration in Canada on Saturaday as boarding a plane for New York to a fundraiser. They arrested him for 2 hours in terms of his points of view on drone strikes. They questioned Khan about his anti-drones’ views. Inasmuch as his leading on anti-drone march to Waziristan last month is probably the potential reason for the interrogation. The high-profile march which has approximately 15,000 participants was led by khan.

Analysis of example
Khan’s detention is a very good example of everyday racism. He detained for his views on drones is more likely than a fuse. The connotative motivation of US is more worth for us considering. Annie Robbins (‘Mondoweiss’) questioned that why would the U.S. grant him a visa and then arrest him for his already well-known views on drones. Robbins significantly indicated Khan’s anti-drones’ attitude is distributed for long time ago. It is...

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