After 9/11: Post the Muslim Country

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, September 11 attacks Pages: 5 (1970 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Many Muslims throughout the world were affected by the attack against the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th, 2001. Although the United States and other countries of the West were obviously affected nationally, how did these 9/11 attacks affect Muslims individually, especially those living in the United States and other countries in the West? The United States has been called many things, such as the "Melting Pot", the "Land of Opportunity", and the "Golden Mountain". (Many Orientals call it the "Golden Mountain", because of the belief by some that those who have the opportunity to go to America can quickly earn "mountains of gold".) Nevertheless, too many Muslims internationally, the United States could also be called by some rather "choice" names of a negative nature. Nevertheless, not all Muslims have had angry words or even angry hearts against the United States or against the West in general. Many Muslims living in the United States and other western countries endured personal insults and taunts during the many years since those 9/11 attacks. Many Muslims have had their personal freedoms compromised, have been "shown the door" (deported), or else have decided to leave voluntarily rather than endure such emotional "abuse". Instead, some Muslims were angry to hear about what Osama Bin Laden had done to the United States back in 2001. The fact that there was dancing in the streets of many Muslim nations on that day did not mean that every Muslim was happy to hear that thousands of Jews, Christians, and other Americans had been murdered by those Muslim terrorists. Still other Muslims had mixed feelings about what had happened. Some had outstretched arms and were happy to hear that the United States had been "punished" by Osama Bin Laden, but some were sad to hear that innocent people had died in such a punishment. Also, reactions to 9/11 among Muslims varied from individual to individual as well as from nation to nation. Nevertheless, many people who appeared to be "Middle Eastern" did indeed suffer at least some reproach after 9/11, even though many of these "Middle Eastern" people were not even Muslims. (Many people from Syria, Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries are "Orthodox", or have differing religious backgrounds other than Islam.) It is sad that one man or woman should have to endure suffering because of the actions of another person. Even though few were surprised to hear that many Muslims in the West had to endure suffering for the acts a few Muslim men, human nature is often like that. Nevertheless, the real question is not why individual Muslims did or did not suffer as a result of these 9/11 attacks. The real question is this: "Why has there been so little outcry among Muslims in the West over this heinous crime?" Instead of a huge outcry, many Muslims in the West and elsewhere spent time and effort after 9/11 telling non-Muslims that Islam is "not a violent religion", and that "these terrorists were not representative of Islam as a whole". Still other Muslims used the 9/11 attacks as an opportunity to try to persuade non-Muslims to embrace Islam, using peoples' natural curiosity about things that they know little about, (as was the case with most Westerners concerning Islam before the 9/11 attacks.) Just about everyone would agree -- especially "religious people" -- that murder is evil. Who would deny this? Therefore, it does seem a bit strange to be discussing these terrorists as if they were just "a few Muslim men". Were these Muslim men actually "martyrs" for Allah, or were they murderers? Are these Muslim men now enjoying eternal life in "Paradise", (a reward for their having committed an "holy act" of murdering thousands of innocents?) Are these men rather at the bottom of Hell with Judas and other wicked men who helped to murder the innocent. How do we describe such Muslim men who kill Jews, Christians, and others? Are they good...
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