9/11 Interviews Summary

Topics: September 11 attacks, September 11, Turn Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: October 28, 2013
An American Tragedy

Twelve years ago, on September 11th, one of this most tragic events in American history took place. For most, they remember it as if it was yesterday. And for the rest of us, we were too young to understand or remember exactly took place on this horrifying day.

The first person I interviewed was someone not much older than me. Although Tanner was so young when the attacks took place, he still understands exactly what events took place on that day, “I was only in the first grade. I was at school and I was too young to understand what was going on.” For most people I know, that seems to be the case. Since we were too young to understand what was going on at the time, I believe that is what makes it so important for us to learn and study what happened on September 11, just as it is with any other event in American history.

The next person that I interviewed my mom, who is one generation older than me. She can remember what took place that day much more clearly than I. “I had just taken you to school. I came home to turn on the news and as soon as I did, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” I believe that is how it was for most people seeing what was taking place in New York, stunned in amazement that something so awful, so horrifying could be happening in our amazing country. “I do believe 9/11 is the worst thing that has taken place in American history. So many innocent people died, while their families had to suffer,” said my grandpa.

The next person I interviewed was much older than I. A grandparent that is two generations above me. To him, this event is stamped in his mind clear as day. “I don’t understand how anyone, from anywhere, could commit such a tragic, awful, heartless crime. I was waking up, getting ready to go to work when I turned on the news. I couldn’t believe that what I was seeing was real.” To him the vision in his memory of that day is much more clear that anyone else I had interviewed, and he could paint a much...
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