9/11 Falling Man

Topics: September 11 attacks, English-language films, World Trade Center Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Stephanie Miyasato
Period 7, 1-29-12
Would you jump? Hundreds of people who were trapped in the smoke and flames of the twin towers on September 11, 2001 were put in this position that would determine their life and death. Many believe that these “jumpers” were put to the test.

“The Falling Man” was one of the many workers that did not anticipate their end to come. But this particular ‘jumper’ was very different from all the others. The man was identified as a slightly dark-skinned, tall person wearing a uniform that most chefs and pastry workers wore- along with a noticeable bright orange shirt underneath. His stance as he was falling was one of the things many people noticed that was very unique. His body was not helplessly dangling and flailing like all the others that had lost hope. The ‘falling man’ seemed very calm and collected and as he was falling he had a relaxed posture- straight back, arms to the side, and one knee bent over. It is obvious that he chose to jump- but the question is why?

Many people had different views and opinions on why the jumpers jumped, and why the others stayed in the fires of the falling buildings in 9/11. Did they stay in the smoke and flames because they had a small chance of hope and survival? Did they jump for the fear of pain? There are a million possibilities.

When you observe the photo of the famous “Falling Man” he looks as if he knew what was going to come of him. He did not hesitate when he chose to escape the burning flames. He let himself go and cherished the last few seconds of his life. There can be many things that he might have been thinking. The people who chose to jump might have been afraid of dying in pain and lost all hopes of being saved from the weakened tower or jumped for their last breaths of air. Some knew and some were simply afraid.

The people who decided to stay in the building might have had a different view. Some may have thought that if they stay at least they had tried, or...
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