Week 5 Team Assignment Notes

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Change management Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Section I: Change Management Plan

Identify the current process or approach used to gain customer information and data. The current process is left up to individual members of the sales team, there are a total of 12+ members •Identify the current formal and informal power structures in the organization. How might the power and political structure of the organization affect employee behavior in relation to gaining customer information and data? Formal power structure: Riordan’s formal organizational chart that lists rank, relationship, job duty and lines of authority. Informal power structure: Riordan employees have the ability to lead, direct, or achieve without an official title such as (manager, leader, etc..) The formal structure would affect it by providing a structure for the flow of information and ideas, would make communication easier because you know who to go through and contact. Informal would allow employees the ability to assist in achieving the goal of one customer management system. •Identify the most appropriate and effective organizational structures for Riordan Manufacturing that will help them accomplish their planned changes. Organizational structures that will be helpful for Riordan would be; using a flow of information structure to facilitate lines of communication regarding the proposed customer management system. A division of work structure to divide up the work for the employees. A control over resources structure, so someone or a group is controlling the amount and use of resources. •What are the potential effects of this selected structure on employee behavior? Some potential effects of the selected structures would be; organization, great delegation, and a clear objective. •Identify characteristics of the company’s culture. What are the potential influences of the corporate culture on employee behavior in relation to the suggested change? Use Mission statement, focus, customer relationships, employees and culture (all listed...
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