Week 1 Discussion

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Chapter 1 of your textbook includes, on page 9, Table 1.1, “Managing Change: Some Lessons from the Four Stories.” Review the four “lessons” (bullet points) on the table, and think about what some of the key “learning points” you gleaned about change from these stories. Then, do one of two things:1. Post the top three learning points you gleaned from the stories, and include how the stories for change helped you learn these points, or2. Research one of the four companies and see how or if that company has since changed (yet more) since the time of the book’s publication. How did that recent change fit with or not fit in with the “lessons” that the textbook mentions the company “learned” from their original set of changes? Explain what you find (bring the URL of the research/article you used to help you).Your instructor will follow up with you with additional questions throughout the week to push the learning further. Feel free to discuss your classmates’ findings and thoughts on these questions with each other as well.  Welcome to Week 1| Instructor Prondzinski | 6/17/2012 6:57:22 AM|

| Class,The opening segment contains a number of questions requiring a response.  Start off the week by selecting one of the questions and provide a detailed response.Dr. Dale|

| | RE: Welcome to Week 1| Joshua Collier | 7/14/2012 9:11:07 PM|
| One thing that I found very interesting was that in three of four instances the CEO who was acting as the change agent was replaced, and several of the changes undone. I think it shows a few things; one that we should not be afraid of being replaced if we believe that the changes we are supporting are needed, and two we should not be afraid to undo some moronic change that was made by our predecessor, but finally it shows that there are good things and bad things with each change and as we progress as a company we need to accept the good and move to improve the areas we see as lacking. |


| | RE: Welcome to Week 1| Antoinette Watson | 7/11/2012 10:56:01 PM|
| After reading the HP and Compaq story I learned that sometimes companies take big risks regardless of what the majority of the company thinks. I learned that not all change works and its important for the company to realize that and change things back when necessary. Another thing that I learned about this company's journey through change is that it required a lot of restructuring and merging of two different cultures which is not easy to do.|


| | RE: Welcome to Week 1| Yadean Sum | 7/11/2012 4:16:30 PM|
| Even in the company I'm working for change can be pushed upon everyone if someone in power decides its best for the company. The majority can resist but ultimately those who have earned there place as rightful leaders in the workforce truly have a better understanding of whats better for a company. I work at a satellite company called Digital Globe here in Colorado and just today our VP had decided to push a major change moving our process to that of an agile structure than our typical waterfall method. Many had objected but it was up to her to make the choice despite the words of others.|


| | RE: Welcome to Week 1| Joshua Collier | 7/15/2012 12:38:54 PM|
| Having dealt with a merger myself; sometimes it is easier to develop a whole new culture and standards than to get two groups to adopt the other's culture. It is what we did. |

| | RE: Welcome to Week 1| Thomas Harwell | 7/11/2012 9:19:06 PM|
| Answering question 1, I found two points in the IBM story that work together. First, innovative changes often originate from lower levels of the organization because here we find the people who work with the various technologies on a daily basis. David Grossman found the rogue internet site and realized the marketing implications for IBM. But in order for the change to be supported throughout the organization, it needs a champion,...
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