Organizationl Development and Change

Topics: Change management, Kurt Lewin, Organization Pages: 18 (4170 words) Published: May 22, 2013
1. Which of the following is not one of the “stems” of OD?
Environmental analysis
2. All OD involves change management, but change management may not involve OD
3. OD was developed for use primarily in business and industrial organizations.
4. Conclusions about the first T-group experiments were (1) feedback from the group was a rich learning experience and (2) the process could be transferred to “back home situations.”
5. OD helps members of an organization solve their own problems.
6. As the QWL movement evolved, it fostered a new phase of activities known as
Employee involvement
7. An effective organization has both high productivity and rapid growth.
8. Three major trends are shaping change in organizations: globalization, information technology, and managerial innovation.
9. According to the Managerial Grid, an individual’s style can best be described which of the following
his or her concern for production and people
10. The assumption underlying the use of survey feedback in OD is
surveys can provide feedback to the organization and be used to initiate change
11. Productivity and QWL ideas were originated by Kurt Lewin
12. Strategic change interventions involve improving
all of the above

13. The first “T-group” was formed
as people related to data about their own behavior
14. The normative background in OD represents a human relations approach represented as the “one-best-way” to manage organizations.
15. One of the original strategic change interventions was Open Systems Planning developed by Richard Beckhard.
16. When an action researcher is dealing with an organization that is under organized, the steps in the change process are
identification, convention, organization, evaluation
17. According to Lewin, the best way to manage change is to increase the forces for change
18. The relationship between planned change and organizational performance and effectiveness is well understood.
19. Which activity is not part of the general model of planned change?
interviews and action planning
20. The general model of planned change describes the way OD efforts always proceed.
21. Quantum changes may drastically alters an organization’s strategic direction and but not develops its capacity to solve problems, achieve high performance, or improve QWL
22. The identification phase of action research is designed to identify people who should assist in setting the direction of the organization.
23. The same steps in the action research model should be applied regardless of whether the organization is under-organized or over-organized

24. In action research, data is only gathered after action has been taken to monitor the results.
25. Contemporary applications of action research emphasize
an increased degree of member involvement
26. The three sequential steps in Lewin’s change model are
unfreezing, movement, refreezing
27. Which theory of planned change serves as the foundation for appreciative inquiry (AI)?
The Positive Model
28. Change strategies are often modified on the basis of continued diagnosis.
29. The Action Research Model focuses on
A and B
30. OD efforts are focused to deal with both planned and employee retention
31. Two adaptations of action research are increased participant involvement and a greater appreciative approach to OD
32. In under-organized organizations, the consultant attempts to “tighten up” the governance system.
33. All OD practitioners fully prescribe to traditional OD values, and have extensive training and experience in the social and political aspects of interventions
34. Following entry and contracting, an OD practitioner starts with diagnosing an organization or department.
35. Which of the following is not a “core” skill of an...
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