Occupational Stress

Topics: Change management, Organization, Management Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: September 9, 2014
Occupational Stress and changes in the procedures of the organization are the two primary research focus in corporate life improvement. This essay aims abstract on the connection between the two variables and seeks to evaluate few arguments on different approaches to achieving the restructuring of an organizational behaviour.

In order to identify the linkage between anxiety and organizational alterations primary focus should be the variables sourcing the resistance to changes. As the organization becomes a burning platform for a change caused by external and internal sources the stress of the employees turn out to be a big challenge for the mangers. Resistance to change is a natural outcome of our emotion as we try to involuntarily lock ourselves in our well known prison. Although the primary sources assumed mostly to be from the recipient’s characteristics of fear of uncertainty, failure, job security, status etc. the change agent’s characteristics inappropriate decision, personality conflicts, lack of timing and leadership style are also equally responsible creating organization wide stress. Generally such traits resulting in stress is quite minimal where reciprocal trust is high. Lack of interpersonal relationship within management and employees or a very formal workplace tends to backfire organizational changes as it deepens the mistrust by the employees and reduces their active participation towards implementing the changes successfully. In a culture where managers and employees share tasks positively with a mutually trusting relationship, the change is foreseen as a challenge rather than a threat and for the employee expands his chance to do something new eventually resulting in a persuasive participation.

With different methods on managing changes within the organization the change agent must first look after the characteristics of the recipients and set the appropriate strategy for achieving the change successfully. With a flawed mental model a...

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