NT1210 Final Exam Notes

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NT1210 Introduction to Networking Final Exam Notes
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4Byte – 8 bits
84Essentially, link refers to any cable between two devices, and node refers to any device. 77HTTP, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, defines the rules by which a web browser can ask for a web page from a web server, and the rules a web server uses to send the web page back to the web browser. 107Every standard has two important features on which this book will focus. First, a standard documents ideas. Those ideas are the ideas that matter to anyone creating products to put in a network, or ideas that matter to people building a network. 107Beyond the ideas in a standard, people must agree to a particular version of document. 110The TCP/IP model organizes its standards into layers. The layers make TCP/IP easier for humans to understand what TCP/IP does. It also makes it easier to divide the work among different products. * - write protocols, - create standards, - how networks work* 162Simple Direct Current Circuit Using a Battery Current

169Encoding scheme – In networking, the encoding scheme defines the electrical equivalent: the electricity that means a 1 or a 0. *Interpreted between nodes.* 171With full duplex, both endpoints can send at the same time, enabled because the endpoints use multiple wire pairs. Using multiple pairs allows multiple electrical circuits, so the encoders/decoders do not get confused. *for wires* 212802.3 – Ethernet – Defines features specific to Ethernet 215Ethernet Bit Rates (Speeds) – Ethernet standards have seen a vast improvement since the IEEE first took over the Ethernet standardization process in 1980. The earliest improvements to Ethernet, in the 1980s, focused on cabling and topology. 231Transmit on Pins 1, 2 |...
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