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LAN Design
The community college LAN design is a multi-campus design, where a campus consists of multiple buildings and services at each location, as shown. Figure 3-1 Community College LAN Design

Figure 3-2 shows the service fabric design model used in the community college LAN design.

Figure 3-2 Community College LAN Design

This chapter focuses on the LAN component of the overall design. The LAN component consists of the LAN framework and network foundation technologies that provide baseline routing and switching guidelines. The LAN design interconnects several other components, such as endpoints, data center, WAN, and so on, to provide a foundation on which mobility, security, and unified communications (UC) can be integrated into the overall design. This LAN design provides guidance on building the next-generation community college network, which becomes a common framework along with critical network technologies to deliver the foundation for the service fabric design. This chapter is divided into following sections: •LAN design principles—Provides proven design choices to build various types of LANs. •LAN design model for the community college—Leverages the design principles of the tiered network design to facilitate a geographically dispersed college campus network made up of various elements, including networking role, size, capacity, and infrastructure demands. •Considerations of a multi-tier LAN design model for community colleges—Provides guidance for the college campus LAN network as a platform with a wide range of next-generation products and technologies to integrate applications and solutions seamlessly. •Designing network foundation services for LAN designs in community colleges—Provides guidance on deploying various types of Cisco IOS technologies to build a simplified and highly available network design to provide continuous network operation. This section also provides guidance on designing network-differentiated services that can be used to customize the allocation of network resources to improve user experience and application performance, and to protect the network against unmanaged devices and applications. LAN Design Principles

Any successful design or system is based on a foundation of solid design theory and principles. Designing the LAN component of the overall community college LAN service fabric design model is no different than designing any large networking system. The use of a guiding set of fundamental engineering design principles serves to ensure that the LAN design provides for the balance of availability, security, flexibility, and manageability required to meet current and future college and technology needs. This chapter provides design guidelines that are built upon the following principles to allow a community college network architect to build college campuses that are located in different geographical locations: •Hierarchical

–Facilitates understanding the role of each device at every tier –Simplifies deployment, operation, and management
–Reduces fault domains at every tier
•Modularity—Allows the network to grow on an on-demand basis •Resiliency—Satisfies user expectations for keeping network always on •Flexibility—Allows intelligent traffic load sharing by using all network resources These are not independent principles. The successful design and implementation of a college campus network requires an understanding of how each of these principles applies to the overall design. In addition, understanding how each principle fits in the context of the others is critical in delivering a hierarchical, modular, resilient, and flexible network required by community colleges today....
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