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Topics: Osama bin Laden, September 11 attacks, Videos of Osama bin Laden Pages: 3 (609 words) Published: March 4, 2014
opriate to take a break for your holiday thus I was irritated when I had to work during Christmas and Easter. I am taking Religion and Work because I believe all religious holidays should be favored. Individuals should be able to worship and celebrate their respective religion because it is what they believe in. I would like to further my studies in diversity, workplace discrimination and the realities between religion and work.

Part 2:
Examining News & Views

Overview Article #1:
Sikh Professor Attacked in New York In Alleged Hate Crime

In New York, Professor Singh from Columbia University was brutally beaten by a large group of men simply because they believed that he practiced the same religion Osama bin Laden practiced. But studies showed that these attacks were not due to misperception but because of the continued crimes against the Sikh population ever since the collapse of the Twin Towers. Many of the Sikh population were attacked and killed which raised heated disputes between the Sikh Coalition and the U.S. Senate to come up with an approach to prevent such crimes from reoccurring. Thus, in response to the Coalition, FBI began to track harassments made against the Sikh to lower the hate crimes.

On the contrary, tracking these hate crimes was a good start but did not prevent future crimes at all so they believed that the best way to prevent crimes like this was to educate students about Sikhism and raise awareness.

Opinion Statement:
I believe that hate crimes like this occur in America because of the terrorist attacks of September 11. Americans can’t help but to be alarmed when they encounter people who look like they come from the same region as Osama. Tracking these hate crimes will only do so much but educating young students and addressing to them that Sikhism and Muslim are completely different can be of bigger help. Raising awareness is another thing – education is the most important key to address this issue as people just...
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