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The examination paper contains three sections.
Section A (INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION) is a COMPULSORY section that all students must answer. You may then choose to answer either section B (DEVELOPMENT) or section C (HEALTH COMMUNICATION).

Each section in the examination paper contains five questions depending on the marks allocated per question, please refer to the instructions in your examination paper and follow them appropriately.

Each question counts 10 marks, but some sections may have a mixture of shorter (10 marks) and longer (20 marks) essay-type questions.
The examination paper does not include multiple-choice questions.


When preparing for the examination, make sure you are familiar with the contents of your prescribed book and study guide.

Intercultural communication is a compulsory section for this module and you will therefore be expected to answer this section in your examination as well. The section is quite broad with a whole range of themes to be learnt and understood. To assist you in your preparation, it is helpful to understand the following:

The imperatives for studying intercultural communication. Knowing why we study intercultural communication will help you have a good base for understanding the module. The three approaches to studying intercultural communication, which are the social science approach, the interpretive approach and the critical approach. Understanding the basic assumptions and main theories of these approaches helps you to understand the relationship between culture and communication. The dialectic approach to studying intercultural communication. You will realise that in studying the approaches, they may seem contradictory in nature. The way this problem is addressed is by using the dialectic approach. The different types of histories, that is the mainstream and nonmainstream histories. After understanding what the...
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