Cisco 03 Final Exam

Topics: Ethernet, Network switch, IP address Pages: 42 (10535 words) Published: December 10, 2012
1. Refer to the exhibit. After entering the commands in the exhibit, the administrator receives a “password required, but none set” message when attempting to connect to S1. What is the problem?
The enable secret password was not set.
S1 does not have login configured on the vty lines.
S1 does not have a password configured for the vty lines.
The crypto key is not properly configured to generate passwords. The VLAN1 interface has not be enabled with the no shutdown command. 2. Which CLI mode allows users to access all device commands, such as those used for configuration, management, and troubleshooting?

user EXEC mode
privileged EXEC mode
global configuration mode
interface configuration mode

3. Refer to the exhibit. Which Spanning Tree Protocol version is in effect? Per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST)
Per VLAN Spanning Tree + (PVST+)
Common Spanning Tree (CST)
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)

4. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has segmented the network into two VLANs and configured Router1 for inter-VLAN routing. A test of the network, however, shows that hosts on each VLAN can only access local resources and not resources on the other VLAN. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

Switch port Fa0/1 is not trunking.
Router interface Fa0/0 is possibly down.
No routing protocol is configured on Router1.
One of the router subinterfaces is possibly down.

5. Refer to the exhibit. Hosts A and B, connected to hub HB1, attempt to transmit a frame at the same time but a collision occurs. Which hosts will receive the collision jamming signal?
only hosts A and B
only hosts A, B, and C

only hosts A, B, C, and D
only hosts A, B, C, and E

6. Refer to the exhibit. Which three options correctly identify information that could be associated with this output?(Choose three.)
Interface FastEthernet3/0/0 is subinterfaced.
A non-proprietary trunking protocol is in use.
The configuration is appropriate for a router-on-a-stick network design. A shutdown command has been applied to interface FastEthernet3/0/0. Interface FastEthernet3/0/0.3 is mapped to the default management VLAN. An IP address should be applied to FastEthernet3/0/0 for correct data routing. 7. Which method establishes an administrative connection for configuring theLinksys WRT300N wireless access point?

Associate with the access point and then open a HyperTerminal session with the access point.
Physically connect to the access point and then reboot the computer to launch the configuration software.
From a computer in the same IP subnet as the access point, enter the defaultIP address of the access point in a web browser.
Modify the TCP/IP properties of the computer connected to the access point so that it exists on the same network, and then reboot your computer to establish a connection.

8. Which parameter is used to uniquely identify one wireless network from another?
9. Which value determines if a switch becomes the central point of reference in the spanning tree topology?
lowest bridge ID
highest revision number
lowest numeric IP address
highest numeric MAC address
10. An administrator is troubleshooting a PC on the network which is suffering from slow and intermittent connectivity. The PC has a ping success rate to the default gateway of less than half the ping attempts. Other PCs on the switch can consistently ping the default gateway. The switch port is configured for auto duplex and the PC is configured for full duplex. What will commonly cause this problem?

The PC is set to full duplex. The switch port fails to autonegotiate the duplex setting and defaults to half duplex, which causes a duplex mismatch. The switch traffic is exceeding available frame buffers. The result is that frames are being dropped.

The PC and the default gateway have different bandwidth Ethernet ports. The default gateway is not on the same switch that the PC is....
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